Boards & Commissions - Affordable Housing Trust

  1. Chapter 44 Section 55C Affordable Housing Trust Fund (PDF)

  2. Kingston Affordable Housing Trust Declaration (PDF)

  3. Glossary of Affordable Housing Terms (PDF)

  4. Massachusetts Housing Partnership

  5. Affordable Housing Information and Resources in Massachusetts

  6. MassAccess Housing Registry - find a home, enter lottery

  7. RAFT program

    Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) program funded by MA Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD). Provides short-term financial assistance to low-income families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Boards & Commissions - Commission on Disability

  1. Massachusetts Office on Disability

Boards & Commissions - Cultural Council

  1. Massachusetts Local Cultural Council

Boards & Commissions - Educational Fund Trustees

  1. Kingston Education Fund Application (PDF)

Boards & Commissions - Green Energy Committee

  1. Green Communities Video

Boards & Commissions - Historical Commission

  1. Historic Village Walking Tours (PDF)

  2. Historic House Plaque Program

Boards & Commissions - Kingston School Committee

  1. Kingston School Committee Website

Boards & Commissions - Library Trustees

  1. Kingston Public Library Website

Boards & Commissions - Renewable Energy Grant & Loan Opportunities Committee

  1. MASS Save

Boards & Commissions - Sewer Commission

  1. Good Day Kingston Episode Number 9

Council on Aging

  1. View our monthly newsletter - "The Anchor"

    Kingston Senior Center, The Anchor monthly magazine

  2. Council on Aging Advisory Board

  3. Senior Tax Work-Off Program

Health Department - Public Health Nurse

  1. Finding Mental Health Support in MA

Kingston Online GIS

  1. Geographical Information System

Library - YouTube

  1. Kingston Public Library YouTube

Town Clerk

  1. Dog Licenses Online

  2. Municipal Employee Conflict of Interest Law Online Training

  3. Town Clerk Payments

  4. Plymouth County Registry of Deeds

  5. Lottery & Raffle Permits

  6. Citizens Guide to Town Meeting

  7. Open Meeting Law Guide (PDF)

  8. Military & Overseas Citizens VOTE

  9. Employer Identification Number (EIN) - IRS

    IRS information

  10. BabySteps - College Savings

    Statewide educational savings program that guarantees every child born or adopted in Massachusetts (after January 1, 2020)will receive a $50 seed deposit when a family member opens up a U.Fund 529 college savings account. The deposit comes at no cost to taxpayers and incentivizes families of all income levels to start saving for their children’s future today.

Town Maps & Plans

  1. Kingston Online GIS

  2. Kingston Flood Maps (FEMA)

    search FEMA flood maps, flooding, flood zone

Veterans Services

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