How do I obtain a birth, marriage or death certificate?

Vital records (birth*, death*, and marriage** certificates):

  • in person at the Town Clerk's office
  • by mail, or 
  • Online to our vendor Unipay
  • The fee for each certificate is $10. 
  • First, verify with the Town Clerk that the record is in Kingston, Massachusetts.  
    *Birth and Death records are recorded here only if Kingston, MA is the town of occurrence* or residence. 
    *Marriage certificates are recorded in the town where the Marriage License was issued.

To obtain a certificate by mail (allow ample time for mail delivery), please send to the Town Clerk and include the following:

  • A self-addressed, stamped return envelope
  • A check made payable to the Town of Kingston
  • The name of the individual for whom the record is requested (include a maiden name for marriage certificate)
  • The date of occurrence
  • Mail to:  Town Clerk's Office, Kingston Town House, 26 Evergreen St., Kingston, MA  02364.

To obtain a certificate by requesting it online:

  • Select "Online Services", then "Town Clerk Payments". 
  • Orders are typically processed within 2 business days.  
  • Allow ample time for mail delivery.  
  • Credit card and or bank fees may apply.

Any questions?  Contact Town Clerk's Office:  (781)585-0500

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