How do I license my dog?

Licenses begin January 1st of each year.  Applicants must show written proof of spaying/neutering and Rabies inoculation at the time of licensing. After March 15th a $20.00 late fee is assessed; and after April 1st, owners are subject to a $50 fine (assessed by Animal Control Officer) in addition to the license fee and late fee. 

You can obtain a dog license either in person at the Town Clerk’s office, by mail, or online through March 15th only.

License in Person

Applicant must provide written proof of rabies and whether dog is spayed or neutered.  Intact dogs are $20, Neutered/Spayed dogs are $10 each. Payment in cash, check (payable to Town of Kingston) or charge accepted.  All Dog Licenses expire December 31st.

License Online

Apply online and follow the prompts (select "Online Services", then "Town Clerk Payments")

License Mail-in

To license your dog by mail, please complete the dog license form and send it to the Town Clerk with the following:

  • A self-addressed, stamped return envelope
  • A check made payable to the Town of Kingston

Once processed, the license and tags will be mailed back to you. If you no longer own a dog that was previously licensed, please notify the Town Clerk’s office so that we can update our records.

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