What is the tax taking process?

If, after receiving a demand bill for the current fiscal year, your real estate taxes remain unpaid, the Town Collector will begin the process of tax taking.

First, a Public Notice Advertisement will be issued. A list of property owners (owner of the record as of January 1, and subsequent owners), parcel identification, and amount of unpaid taxes is submitted to the Kingston Reporter to be published in the Legal Notices. Copies of this publication are posted at the Town House and The Kingston Public Library.

On the date of the tax taking (which is noted in the advertisement), unpaid parcels are turned over to the Treasurer and recorded at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds in Plymouth, MA. Any effort to clear property in Tax Taking status is then handled by the Treasurer's Office whose phone is 781-585-0508.

A note of information: recorded liens are now being researched by major credit bureaus, which could affect your credit score.

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1. What is the tax taking process?
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