Library of Things

Apple iPad and Pencil 

Take your tablet use one step further with our iPad and Pencil, you can add note taking, writing, art, and design to each project. 

Bicycle Pump

This bicycle pump is just what you need to prepare for your weekend plans.  It comes with an extra-large handle and base, an easy-to-read bottom mount gauge, and is versatile enough for Mountain, Cruiser, BMX, and Kids bike tires. A ball needle and inflation cone are also included. 

Birdwatching Kit

Another great item from our Library of Things is our Birdwatching Kit. It comes with binoculars, a case, and a field guide for birds.

Bocce Ball Set

With roots that descended from the Roman Empire, Bocce began in Italy. Traditionally, it is played on a natural field or court, but due to to it’s portability, you can play it anywhere. Fresh air, good exercise, and fun make Bocce a triple threat.

Bubble Machine

If you like blowing bubbles, you’ll love the bubble machine. A bottle of bubble juice is included.

Camping Chairs

Whether you’re sitting by the campfire, attending a soccer game, or catching some rays during your lunch break, this is the Camping Chair for you. It’s lightweight, portable, and it comes with it’s own carrying case. Patrons can check out one or two chairs, or a loveseat.

Cornhole Lawn Game

Call it cornhole, bags, sack-toss, or bean-bag. Play inside or outdoors. Follow the official rules or make up your own.

Disco Light

Looking to add some pizzazz to your home dance parties? You can borrow the disco light from our Library of Things. Plug it in, put on your dancing shoes, and dance the night away! Don't forget about our Karaoke Machine

Djembe Drum Kit

The Djembe is a chalice shaped drum which originally came from West Africa about 800 years ago. Since that time it has been adopted by many other genres of music such as Jazz, Ska, Latin, and Fusion. The Djembe is easy to learn and the kit comes with a travel bag and an instruction book.

Garden Tool Kit

This garden tool organizer has pockets for each tool you’ll need to start your Spring cleanup. The eight-piece heavy duty Garden Tool Set is perfect for container gardening or a weekend to-do list.

Garment Steamer

Looking for a new steamer and not sure if it’s worth the price tag? Borrow one from our Library of Things and test it out. This compact steamer comes with two accessories for different fabric textures.

Giant Checkers Lawn Game

Various forms of what we call checkers have been around since 3000 BC. Each time the game is adapted, they add even more versatility and this version is no exception. With their larger size and portability, these giant checkers are the perfect family activity for inside or out. All the parts are durable, easy to clean, and all fit in a small easy to carry tote. 

Giant Toppling Tower (Jenga)

These giant wooden blocks (which stack up to 5 feet) are portable and come with a carrying case, scoreboard, and some optional rules. The blocks can be used for backyard play with the family, creating towers that will liven up any party, outdoor event, or get together.

Golf Practice Net

Looking for a fun way to improve your game? This item from the Library of Things is sure to give you an advantage on the competition. Our portable Golf Practice Net comes with chipping target and carrying bag.


The Kalimba (or finger harp or thumb piano) is a modern interpretation of the Mbira musical instrument which originated in Zimbabwe. It was adapted in the 1950’s and has gone on to be used by popular musical groups such as Earth, Wind, & Fire. The Kalimba is user-friendly with labeled keys making it easier to learn songs.

Karaoke Machine

Use your cell phone and your favorite karaoke app to get that party started! This item makes a great pair with our Disco Light

Kill A Watt Meter

Plug any appliance or device directly into the Kill A Watt meter to find out how much electricity it uses. 

Label Maker 

You don’t have to wait until Spring to do some organizing. With our easy-to-use label maker (instructions included), you’ll get your home or office ordered and tidy in no time at all.


Make long-lasting, stain-resistant signs, checklists, instruction sheets, and more. Ten laminating sheets included with each checkout.

Metal Detector

Whether you’re hunting for lost coins in the yard or hidden riches at your favorite beach, check out our metal detector from the Library of Things and see what kind of treasure you discover. 

Mobile Hotspot 

Need the Internet on the go? Borrow a mobile hotspot for online connection anywhere. It comes with a charger and easy to follow directions.

Post/Hole Digger

This digger is really a multi-tool for constructing the bases of decks, mailboxes, fencing and more. It comes with a measuring stick for accuracy and cushioned handles for comfort. You can borrow the digger in conjunction with our gardening kit and seeds and start planning your perfect weekend project.


Home movie night gets big with our 120” portable screen and mini-projector. You can borrow them together or separately. Add a dvd or two, and create a theater in your own home.

Royal Manual Typewriter

Whether it is copying down your family recipes or writing the next great American novel, we’ve got the low tech machine for you. It’s portable, comes with it’s own case, and is cordless.

Scientific/Graphing Calculator

This scientific/graphing calculator provides all the information you need at your fingertips. With over 280 functions, this calculator can help with even the most difficult equations.

Sewing Machine

Looking to pick up a new hobby or give a big purchase a test run? You can borrow our sewing machine with your library card. Go ahead and get creative!

Spec Tennis

Are you new to tennis, or perhaps a lifetime player but not able to cover a full court due to an injury? Maybe just looking for a new fun paddle sport for the family that you can play in your own driveway? Then Spec Tennis is for you! 

Spec Tennis was started in Northern California 4.5 years ago and has recently come to the East Coast. Spec combines elements of tennis, platform tennis and pickleball with a low compression tennis ball on a smaller court. Spec Tennis is great for all ages and is the perfect outdoor family sport.

Stud Finder

When you want to hang a mirror, shelf, or something else weighty, don’t guess where to anchor the hanger. Borrow our stud finder and be sure.


Everyone gives the credit to Galileo, but telescopes actually got their start in the Netherlands with spectacle makers who were studying the earth in the early 1600’s. With our telescope and your library card, there is a whole world to explore!

Travel Adapter 

On your next trip, take along our universal travel adapter for all your electronics. It has a built in surge protector and can be used in over 150 countries. Make your travel just a little easier with the versatile adapter.


Looking to pick up a new hobby? The ukulele is a fantastic beginner instrument for any age. With a rich history that began in Hawaii in the 1800s, ukuleles have been used in all kinds of music including country, pop, and rock and roll.

Walkie Talkies

Use these walkie talkies to check-in around in the house, call in your requests to the chef at the backyard grill, or for your adventures all around the neighborhood. 

Yarn Winder 

The yarn winder is an indispensable tool for any knitter or crocheter. It’s quick and easy, and keeps your hanks or skeins of yarn in one place as you wind them into balls.