Healthy Kingston

Healthy Kingston is an initiative by the Board of Health to provide informative, timely, health and wellness information to residents on topics of interest and concern to the community.

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1.  Healthy Kids Make Good Students; Suicide Prevention and Emergency Preparedness

2.  Diabetes Awareness Month; Ticks

3. Spirituality and Reflection at the Holidays; Doing Good Things Does a Body Good; Winter Safety 

4.  Fall Prevention; Looking Out for Senior Safety in the Community; Home Safety

5.  Manganese in Town Water; Library Archivist Discusses History of Local Health Care Services

6.  Nicotine Addiction

7.  Being A Kidney Donor

8.  Marijuana Use and Addiction

9.  Mosquito Control; Maintaining Your Septic System; Skin Care

10. Mothers Demand Action Against Gun Violence

11. Have A Safe Healthy Summer; Skin Care; Bike Safety

12. Spotlight on Healthy Kingston

13. The Board of Health: Members, Operations, Purpose and Work

14. Mosquito Control

15. Senior Community Support and Services

16. Flavored Cigarettes and Vaping, Water Testing; Pets

17. Heart Safe Certified Town; AEDs

18. Farmer's Markets

19. Covid Update; Emergency Management

20. Grief Support; Hope Floats Healing and Wellness Center

21. Influenza, Soul Box Program, Recreation Dept. Programs

22. Hope and Joy Over The Holidays

23. Coronavirus Pandemic; Nurse Health Services in the SLDS system

24. Covid Immunizations

25. Opiod Epidemic; Ticks

26. Kennedy-Donovan Center Services for Special Needs Children/Families  

27. Water Safety; Stress Management, Tick Bite Prevention

28. Dealing With Stress during Difficult Times

29. Discussion of Stress Management of SSLSD Students During Covid

30. Food Insecurity; Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless

31. Council On Aging Services

32. Home Safety during the Winter Months; Heart Health Education; Healthy Kingston Kids

33. Cancer Symptoms, Diagnoses and Treatment Options

34. Impact of Climate Change In Kingston

35. Sand Mining and Aerial Mosquito Spraying

36. Eye Problems; Recreation Dept. Summer Programs

37.Role of the Public Health Nurse; MA State PH Excellence Grant

38.  Monkeypox

39. Council On Aging

40. Refugees and Migrants in Kingston    

41. Emergency housing; Holiday Mental Health

42. Mental Health Issues and Available Services

43. Domestic Violence

44. Women’s Health Care

45.Septic Tanks.  Recycling, Composting, Plastic Bag Ban, Swap Shop.   Water Quality.

46. Preventing Gun Violence

47. Summer Safety; Effect of Blue Light on Sleeping; Oral Hygiene and Its’ Impact on the Body

48.  The Health Department and Future Planning

49. Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

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