Master Plan Committee


  • Tom Bott, Town Planner, EX-OF
  • Maureen Thomas, Conservation Agent, EX-OF
  • Elaine A. Fiore, BOS
  • Gary P. Lagenbach, CC
  • Susan T.Boyer, PB
  • Joseph F. Casna, Jr. BOH
  • Christian A. Hoffman, HC
  • Matthew R. Capozzi, OS
  • Paul F. Basler, STP
  • Richard J. Grady, BUS
  • Mary O'Donnell, CI


On March 9, 2015, the Planning Board appointed the following members to the Master Plan Committee. Members of the Master Plan Committee worked with the Planning Board, the Town Planner, and the Master Plan consultants to develop a Master Plan for the Town of Kingston. The Committee served until the Planning Board adopted the Master Plan in December of 2017.

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