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Scan this QR code to participate in the Open Space and Recreation Plan Citizen Survey. The results of this survey will be used to inform the revisions of Kingston's Open Space and Recreation Plan. This is a great opportunity to have your voice hear and provide input on the open space use, management, and goals in town.

The survey will run until April 30th. It should take under 5 minutes to complete. Feel free to reach out to Matt Penella, Conservation Agent, with any questions (email and phone number provided under 'Contact Us'). Thank you for taking the time to fill out the survey and we look forward to seeing the public input. The link to the survey is provided below as well.


Welcome to the Kingston Open Space Committee! The Open Space Committee assists the Conservation Commission in overseeing the management and use of Kingston’s conservation properties. The Committee also helps identify future conservation and passive recreation priorities in town. The Committee follows the direction of the Conservation Commission, works closely with the Conservation Department, and is responsible for updates to the Open Space & Recreation Plan. This plan allows the Town of Kingston to apply for state open space grants such as the L.A.N.D. grant that reimbursed a significant portion of the purchase prices of several large conservation parcels in the last decade.

Duties & Responsibilities

General By-Laws, Chapter 18

Vantage point of Bay Farm overlooking Kingston Bay


Open Space Committee meetings will be held at 5:00PM on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Meetings will be held in Room 101. Public participation can be in-person or remote via a dial-in number and access code. Please refer to the agenda for this information. 

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Land Stewards Program

The Kingston Conservation Department and Commission utilizes a group of all-star volunteers to help manage and maintain our natural areas. Stewards sign up to walk specific trails once per month, then report back to the Conservation Office with any observed issues. This program is crucial for the management of our Conservation Areas, and we are always looking for new volunteers! Please email Mike Perrin (, Assistant Conservation Agent, if you are interested in participating.

Members (Vacant Seats!)

The Conservation Department is beginning the process of updating Kingston’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. The first step in the process is creation of an Open Space Committee. The Committee will work closely with the Conservation Department in facilitating public involvement in the update process, as well as reviewing sections of the 2015 Plan, researching where necessary, and updating assigned sections. The workload may be high until the update is complete. Beyond the update, the Committee works closely with the Conservation Department and the Conservation Commission on improving and maintaining trail access on Town-owned conservation land, assists with assessing and dealing with encroachment issues, and works on ways to connect the public with these properties in a positive way. To apply, please fill out the ToK 'Volunteer Application' in the top left of this webpage. For more information, email me at 

Jim Franklin (Chairperson)6/30/2024
Megan Hickey (Vice-chairperson)6/30/2023
Theresa 'Tree' Kuharich6/30/2023
Brian Payne6/30/2022
Jada Leung6/30/2024