Town Clerk

Duties & Responsibilities

The Town Clerk's Office serves as the focal point of the Town Government. General information, direction, and assistance is provided to all citizens or others having business with the Town. The Town Clerk's Office is the municipal archival for the filing, maintenance, disposition, and preservation of most Town records and materials. The Town Clerk is responsible for all voter registration, election preparation, execution, and reporting of election results to the public and appropriate authorities.


  • Administers the oath of office to all elected and appointed officials.
  • Conducts with the Board of Registrars annual town census and compiles street, school, and jury lists.
  • Conducts with the Board of Registrars election activities, including voter registration, absentee & early voting.
  • Issues licenses and permits, including marriage licenses, burial permits, permits for raffles and bazaars, dog licenses, and fuel storage permits.
  • Posts meetings of all government bodies.
  • Records and certifies Planning and Zoning Board decisions.
  • Records and certifies Town Meeting legislation and appropriations.
  • Records and provides official certified copies of vital records:  birth, death, and marriage records.
  • Records business certificates.
  • Responds to inquiries from the general public.

Town Clerk Fees

The following is a partial listing of fees for obtaining licenses and permits from the Kingston Town Clerk. All prices are subject to change.

CategoryItemFee Amount
CertificateBirth Certificates$10
CertificateMarriage Certificates$10
CertificateDeath Certificates$10
CertificateMarriage Intentions$40
CertificateBusiness Certificates$40
CertificateVoter Certificates$10
CertificateStreet Listing$20
CertificateStreet Listings (Non-Resident)$25
Dog LicensesMale$20
Dog LicensesFemale$20
Dog LicensesNeutered (male)$10
Dog LicensesSpayed (female)$10
Dog LicensesLate Fee (after March 15)$20
Kennel LicensesFive (5) or more dogs on premisessee form
OtherStreet Maps (folded-Sold out)$2 SOLD OUT
OtherStreet Maps (flat-Sold out)$5 SOLD OUT
OtherZoning Maps$10 SOLD OUT
OtherGeneral By-Laws$10
OtherZoning By-Laws$25
OtherPlanning Board Rules and Regulations$25
PermitsLottery and Raffle Permits$25