Recycling & Disposal Stickers

Purchasing Stickers

Stickers can be purchased at:
Highway Department
32 Evergreen Street
Kingston, MA 02635

Automobile registration, the license of the person on registration, and proof of Kingston residency are required.

Only checks and money orders will be accepted for payment. No cash, charge, or debit cards.

2022 to 2023 Fees

Fees are subject to change annually.

Sticker TypeFee Amount
Senior (age 66 and older)$90
62 to 65 of age$100
Veterans (Proof of Active Military Card or a DD214)$100
Recycling stickers only$30
Second Sticker (for the same household, excluding recycling stickers)$15
Replacement: (see below)$15
One Day Pass$15

  • Senior names must appear on the vehicle registration and need their license as well
  • The second car in the same household, preferably purchased at the same time
  • To purchase a replacement transfer station sticker, you must remove and turn in the sticker or a piece of the sticker with the number still intact or full price will be required. A replacement sticker is only available if you purchased a sticker in the current sticker period.

Helpful Documents