The Planning Office staffs the Planning Board and provides assistance to other Boards and Committees serving the Town. The Planning Office strives to provide timely and accurate information and guidance to constituents and decision-makers regarding Land Use, Housing, Economic Development, Natural and Cultural Resources, Open Space and Recreation, Public Services and Facilities, and Circulation and Transportation.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Planning Department seeks to ensure development is in conformance with local bylaws and regulations, and to promote long-range planning for the Town’s physical development and resiliency through comprehensive planning as mandated under MGL Chapter 41 Section 81D.  The duties and responsibilities of Kingston's elected Planning Board are further defined within Chapters 40A, 40 Section 15C, and 41 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  These sections of the General Laws are referred to respectively as the Zoning Act, Scenic Roads Act, and the Subdivision Control Law.  The Planning Board is also responsible for drafting, conducting public hearings and submitting zoning amendments and recommendations for consideration at Town Meetings, issuance of some special permits through the zoning bylaw, and administrative review of commercial site plans.

Multi-Family Zoning Requirements for MBTA Communities 

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